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 Install OHW Plates & Droppers - Bojan Hadzic - RailCorp

"Staff are proactive in the approach to the work which had been very beneficial to the project. MRG has been very impressive with being an integral part of the project planning and problem solving throughout the project."


 Solar - Emmanuel Lavidis - RailCorp

"It is a credit to the entire MRG team when we received recognition for out good quality work ... the team achieved to the "highest standard" exceeding standard quality. "


 Solar - Leane Ma - RailCorp

"On Behalf of SOLAR, I thank you for the dedication, commitment and truly professional work that has been performed here by MRG."



HV GST Route and Hv pIT @ Sydenham Station Paramount - Zani Buzevski - Arenco

"Despite being engaged at a very late notice with a accommodating attitude MRG was a significant factor in overcoming late handover criticalities"


 Auburn Project - Raquel Rubalcaba - Arenco 

"Some excellent feedback from MRG's successful weekends works at Auburn Junction, it was great to see the proactive level of safety behaviours on site from all involved and even more pleasing to see the initiative attached from your [MRG] team"



Sydney Opera House VAPS Project - Dave Pearce - John Holland

"In all of my previous engagements of MRG, I have personally been very satisfied with the effort of personal ownership taken by the senior management and staff on MRG of all the works as requested by myself / John Holland."



K2RQ - Frank Liburd - Leighton's Rail

"The MRG staff have shown themselves to be excellent in their duties. Nothing was ever a problem while working on site"


K2RQ - Dave Stevenson - Leighton's Rail

"No incidents on site. Installation of Comms & Signal cables on program and within budget. Excellent assistance from Ace Petrovski in delivery of project and project team; who were professional and motivated"


K2RQ - Jimmy Aboudh - Leighton's Rail

"Excellent team for cable hauling, cable connecting and optic fibre splicing. Punctual, helpful, safety awareness, the job was a total success"



Hornsby Turnback Project - Robert O'Brien - Laing O'Rourke

"We extend our thanks and appreciation of the boys and their efforts of the last few weeks out here at Horsnby Platform 5, they worked in a very tight and active area with weather that was not enjoyable, the boys willingness to work in a team and around other contractors and activities was noticed and the harmony was acknowledged as by several people."



Cruciform Footings - John Petrolo - Transgrid

"I am very proud of the great results, excellent outcomes and important milestones we were able to achieve which were critical to the overall success of this project as well as the concerns and interests of all major stakeholders (i.e. BHP Billiton - Illawarra Coal, Mine Subsidence Board, Sydney Catchment Authority & TransGrid).


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm and excellent quality of work performed on TransGrids's Cruciform Project. I was very impressed with the professional manner in which all of your staff involved worked together, interacted with TransGrid's staff (Including myself) and maintained a friendly working environment."



SSFL - Paul Larkin - O'Donnell Griffin

"MRG was an effective and experienced contractor to work with, they showed a high standard of workmanship and QA. Final product was very good"




SSFL - Stan Ferro - Gartner Rose

"Very happy with the overall performance for Metro Resources Group and their knowledge of work procedures and general safety"




SSFL - Rashed Najjarine - John Holland

"Planning, Paperwork and commitment to safety are very impressive. Exceptional team leaders leading the site crews. Management to questions relating to job was very swift. Management always available to answer questions"


Novorail Alliance - David Nguyen - John Holland 

"Quality of works performed very good and always able to accommodate our changing schedule"



SSFL - Paul Larkin - Arenco 3A Rail

"Effective and experienced contractors to work with high standards or workmanship plus QA's. Final product very good"



ECRL Drainage - Dave Coker - TIDC

"Quality of work has been excellent. Regular updates have been appreciated. The level of liaison with Railcorp reps has received very positive feedback. Very responsive to change/additional scope"



Loftus to Waterfall Cable Route Upgrade - Brian Shiagetz - Sydney Trains

"MRG should be very proud of the works and the employees that have been engaged to carry out the construction works on site at Waterfall. The works have gone to plan and to program with no incidents or accidents to report and no safety breaches."


"The level of finish of the works that is currently [has been] completed is a credit to MRG and its staff. Thank you for providing Sydney Trains and myself with a level of professionalism, Safety and Construction aptitude required to work in this type of environment."